About Us

Located in beautiful Oro-Medonte, Ontario, The Fifty Acre Garden features locally grown vegetables, herbs, teas, and cut flowers. We use intensive gardening techniques and permaculture philosophies to work wisely and in balance with nature. We only use organic approved methods, and never harmful pesticides or herbicides. 

Freshly Picked


Fresher tastes better! Your taste buds are going to thank you when you enjoy some fresh goodies from The Garden. Why? Because local production means our produce isn't aging in transport. We pick it at its peak, and you reap all the yummy benefits.  

Locally Grown


Local food is a winner all-around. Our customers get the freshest vegetables and herbs, our farm in Oro supports the local economy, and less transportation means fewer fossil fuels burned on the road and less energy used in refrigeration. Now that's what we call being neighbourly.